In the scarred, northwestern part of Thaylus lies the small, low-walled town of Tremora. Roughly a day’s travel north leads to the entrance of an underground river, the town’s primary source of water. The town is two days south of the Sunken Wastes, and roughly a week’s travel north of the Twin Cities. The distant peaks of the Three Tyrants can just barely be seen to the east.

Population and Government

Tremora’s population consists of several hundred people, mostly human and half-elf, with the occasional dwarf to be found. Most elves would find the hot, arid climate to be too much to bear on a consistent basis. Most of Tremora’s inhabitants fulfill the roles of farmer, rancher, caravan guard and groundskeeper. Tremora is also home to several aspiring herbalists and healers. The majority of the farmland is immediately west of Tremora’s walls. The town is governed by a council of elders, headed by the aging Waylan Tremora, a direct descendant of Tremora’s founders.

When not on the road, Rorek and Liona make their home in Tremora.


Despite being located in a desolate area in close proximity to the Sunken Wastes, Tremora thrives due to the unique presence of the kaliga plant, a sturdy herb whose roots can create a potent medicine or healing salve.

Two main caravan roads lead out of Tremora: south to the sprawling Twin Cities, and east to the Elven port of Sylvanos, where much of the kaliga is then shipped to Havenport, the port district of the megalopolis New Thaylus.

The harsh climate and semi-frequent sandstorms are enough to deter most would-be raiders from the trade routes, at least in the immediate vicinity of the town itself.


Most of the population wears long, concealing robes and headdresses to grant protection from the sandstorms and heat of the area.


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