Beodomus U'dragoth

Drow psychic warrior, mercenary type


Psychic Warrior 5 (NE)

AC 23 HP 44

Str 17 Dex 17 Con 15 Int 16 Wis 17 Cha 15

Speed 30ft

Saves: Fortitude 8 Reflex 6 Will 6

Weapons: +1 Lucky Scimitar, +3 Vorpal Scimitar, off hand Heavy wooden shield

carried but not used primarily: Rapier, Hand Crossbow

Armor/Magical Equipment: Chain shirt, Vest of Resistance, Bracers of Defense (+4)

Skills: Concentration 19, Gather Information 7, Listen 8, Move Silently 5, Search 15, Spot 15

Languages: Common, Orcish, Giant, Goblin, Elvish

Racial Traits/Class Features/Feats: Darkvision 60ft, dancing lights, darkness, faerie fire, Immune to sleep, Psionic Weapon, Psicrystal Affinity (Steve the Single minded), Psionic Body, Psionic Meditation, Narrow Mind, Imprint Stone


Vigor, Chameleon, Bite of the Wolf, Body Adjustment, Emphatic Transfer

Additional Items 2 Cure Moderate Wounds Potions,1 Cure Light Wounds Potion,3 onyx,8 topazes,flask of silver


A surface dwelling drow, he found work with a small mercenary band. After a brief run in with the law..something about killing the sovereign or some such nonsense….the band went out to a place they believed to be safe and secluded enough to ride out the mess. Turns out they were wrong, and a large contingency of orcs and ogres had moved into their potential strong hold. Mog (a big, dumb, but very scary minotaur) seized the day with some crazy display of sheer brute force and brutality. After they had cleaned out the hostiles however Mog became very possessive of the keep they had won, so Beo took his share (at least what he felt was his share) and left the place to seek anonymity somewhere far to the west.

Potential candidate for Valena’s cohort

Beodomus U'dragoth

War of the Ram Valena