War of the Ram

The Cleric's Dream

While Morbius sleeps, he dreams of wandering a graveyard that seems strangely familiar to him. The majority of the graves appear to have been dug up, bearing no bodies. The avatar of Nerull, a figure cloaked in rusty red and bearing a wicked scythe, appears before him, speaking to him of a heresy being committed against Him and His followers. Someone or something is manipulating the souls of the dead without Nerull’s consent, stealing the souls from under his grasp.

Additionally, the deity is somehow prevented manifesting himself directly into the Material Plane and must act solely through his disciples. It appears that the heresy has presented itself in a location not far from the path Morbius travels. The avatar compels him to investigate the area and unearth what could interfere with a being of his divine nature.



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