War of the Ram


There is a cave roughly one day’s travel from Tremora that contains an underground river that serves as the town’s water supply. When the latest caravan sent to fill the town’s cache of barrels failed to return, another caravan was sent to make up for the shortage, along with a small group of the town’s militia. They, too, never returned. With the water supply ever decreasing, the elders of Tremora sent half of the town’s remaining militia to investigate. The large militia group was never heard from again.

Desperate for salvation, the elders employed Valena to find out what was happening in the caverns. The elders were clueless as to what was going on, absently suggesting it might be bandits, although unlikely since they never received any ransom for the town’s water supply. As such, Valena was cautioned to be prepared for anything. Along the road to the cave, Valena encountered a horse that was still wearing its wagon harness, grazing by the roadside. Valena attempts to approach the horse and narrowly misses being kicked as the horse suddenly rears its font legs and bolts in a panic. Shortly thereafter, the road crosses with another from the west and Valena crosses paths with Morbius. They conversed briefly and discoverd they were headed to the same location. They agreed to investigate the matter together, but not without Valena stating that she would not share any of her commission upon completing the mission. Morbius agreed without hesitation, caring little for money and acting solely on the will of his deity.



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