War of the Ram

Session Log from Valena's Perspective pt 2

PLEASE NOTE: again as before this is completely from Valena’s point of view (thoughts on situations, emotions, etc.)all numbers in ( ) are Valena’s HP, also I am pretty vague in some of the areas, feel free to leave comments and I will elaborate as best as I can via memory.


Begin anew…4th day midday, heading towards cave on map SW of Twin Cities Startin’ out with full health (66)

Alderis flagged us down. Morbius spills the beans about Alderi summoning demons… she freaks…oh well off we go…

Reach the forest…walking/riding down the woad….hear a howling…something running towards us, Fuzz Nuts!

Found approx. 5-6 day old tracks(human), walk right into an illusion…reveals stone door door... attempt to smash sapphire…zaps my dumb ass (55)....

yeah so…. the door was open(?!)...ram head tapestry in hallway, 2 big MOFO’S and 2 in the shadows..Battle Brain in a jar & 2 big doofs, scythe blade try to kill me but I’m like Nah!...ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A CHALLENGE?!

Charge the dos morning star bitch…(45) 45 damage to his bitch ass, sliced of one arm, HOW YOU LIKE THAT! Brace for damage! 9 damage from a mid section blow (36)ouch…Brain peaces out and to the left..OH NO YOU DON’T!..Mutant heals 10 (46), 21 smack (2/4 attacks), ICED! 33 crit damage to the fool who has Morb pinned to the wall…DEAD! and on the the Loot! gloves from morning star wielder shrink down to my size (Gloves of Object Reading)

Going after the Brain!! Door door locked…Wand! Pair of Steel Gaunts w/ Scarlet Flamer….Oh Morbius….HAVE SOME!

Beat the Brain! 24 wiggity wack w/ Wak! skelly hits me for 7 (39), 53 damage to skelly right back bitch, smack back for 8 (31) 29 (2/4 attacks), take it bitch Morb finishes the fool, 24 maiming to the swarm to no avail, raked by second skelly (29) Mutant heals for 12 (41)

Secret passageway through ornate door ..Earthen passage…. 4 skellys, 4 Ettins(2 Jav/ 2 morningstar)... 2 items for me/ 1 for Evan for machine loot….javed in the face for 6 (35), clawed for 7 Ettin GOT ME!(28), owey again (26)

Morbo heals 15(41) potion (50) Loot Glove of Storing, Goggles of Night

forces of Hades to the N invading the plain…Kozar high priest of Hades…

Cinder spawn hits me…(46) 1 cold (45) 12 fireball(33) 2 lightning damage (31) Loot +2 Ion stone (Cha)

End Session


Your notes are your notes but if you want to be fully correct, it is actually Ildaris and Ildar. You forgot to mention the sorceress and the mace you found too. Otherwise good stuff!


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