War of the Ram

Session Log from Valena's Perspective

PLEASE NOTE: this is completely from Valena’s point of view (thoughts on situations, emotions, etc.)all numbers in () are Valena’s HP, also I am pretty vague in some of the areas, feel free to leave comments and I will elaborate as best as I can via memory.

8/22/09 Session

Off to the market or to the forges in SW
  1. Trevor’s Forge -masterwork heavy mace “sweet! SCORE

Off to the Jewelers for onyx ? on the way, rumble in the city… buildings destroyed (sucked up by “monster”) PROOF: piece of creature undercity no sewers, own tunnels

onyx revisited

Aldaris’s Alchemy Shop

20 LUCK DIE! Hole opens, Morb falls in, pit is sink hole, loose rock/debris AHHH APE BUG!

BATTLE ouch (59), double owey… (42), RUN AWAY!, CHARGE!, OOOF (35), gives a 17 damage bash!, Morbius finishes it’s ass… post battle Mutant (brother Steve) heals me for 20 (55)

Commander invites to knight barracks E of N gate manana. “Hieronius?” (internal thought)

Mutant found a room @ the Prancing Pony (note there is an arrow stating that this was a shameless plug)

Hendo the Fence

Intro (or re-intro) to Capt. Morgan

Dead Rabbit just after sundown to help Capt.

work Bounty hunting

Morb buys 8 onyx for 350gp

Lookin for a ride- stables on S side outside gate Horace stable master

250gp a piece for horses (full tack 1/wk food)

Wandering into “shitty” city, found Dead Rabbit, take up 2 stools.

Hunt Reoric, wants his head….Hmmmm….

Hendo is all fucked up business meet, douche looks my boobs

Enter big GOON (Torvez)...wheres Hendo ?!?

Morb casts wind wall for cover…

Init roll Me 9, Ev 5, bandit (unknown)

(55) to start, swing and a miss, hit but no damage (love that armor), wasted his BITCH ASS! (23 damage dealt 1st rd of attack, 25 w/ 2nd DEAD!) LOOT Masterwork Short Sword 25 gp

Torvez cornered- knocked his punk ass out, tied him up, back to the bar

Prisoner to interrogate- GOOD GOOD!LOOT Masterwork Short Sword (to Mutant)

Recruit Torvez- now eyes and ears in “shitty”

Steve Dave finds us more info 2k a piece for dead tremor beasts

20 Luck Die!! one beast similar as last time.BATTLE

(55)to start, init me 14, ev 13, 17 damage strike, claw my ass (50), 40 damage to bug face…FUCK YOU BUG!...and in comes another beast from the rear init ev 13, me 18….12 damage to the 2nd bug, 24 from Morb, HIYAH! 34 damage BEAT YOUR DUMB ASS!

PAYDAY! 2,000gp a piece, MONEY! total loot 2498gp

A dream….shadowy figure on cliff face wielding a katana, FLASHES OF COMBAT, awaken in a rush/huff…Cleaver awakening? WHO KNOWS.

Alderis sends to Multani magic item collector has a job for us or does she ?- she does: follow son to see WTF is up w/ sr douche, shows painting, hangs out @ Silver Spoon, but talks about late walks out in S woods, possible giants there

Taking boys body back to mother- Got magic rope FO’ FREE!





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