War of the Ram

Morbius Travel

PART 1 Morbius

Waste….nothing but a mass of dust and death. The beauty of it is blinding…..and yet… there is something that this land that adds to the beauty of death…life. Existence is made of two parts for all beings that inhabit this world, life….and death. One can not exists without the other. Two sides of the same coin, light and dark, good and evil. Balance, it is all balance. So it comes to this. My god, my lord and master has spoken to me his avatar has come to me with a journey, a… pilgrimage if you will. A strange new cult has appeared and has been bringing the dead back without my masters consent….and he is not pleased. They have removed the balance and it must be put back…..that is my duty as acolyte of Nerull. They will all know….they will all understand…..by this blade and the power he grants me they will learn….and they will fear.

PART 2 Valena

All the land is filled with self-righteous zealots, inane thieves, and boastful lumps of ogre dung that call themselves nobles. Ahh but once in a moon you find one, one that proves to be a….shall we say….conundrum. This woman, Valena by name is such a creature, beautiful as a spring sunrise and fierce as any winter storm. It is easy to read and understand the norm of this land yet this creature is strange, she is unlike anything I have seen. As it seems our paths will be placed beside one another for the time being. Things should prove to be very….interesting.


You are the Ellipsis King!

Morbius Travel

does that make me the Lizard Queen ?

Morbius Travel

Well seeing how you killed that alligator rather than befriend it with your ranger skills…sure why not?!

Morbius Travel

fuck that alligator…

Morbius Travel

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