War of the Ram

Session Log from Valena's Perspective pt 2

PLEASE NOTE: again as before this is completely from Valena’s point of view (thoughts on situations, emotions, etc.)all numbers in ( ) are Valena’s HP, also I am pretty vague in some of the areas, feel free to leave comments and I will elaborate as best as I can via memory.


Begin anew…4th day midday, heading towards cave on map SW of Twin Cities Startin’ out with full health (66)

Alderis flagged us down. Morbius spills the beans about Alderi summoning demons… she freaks…oh well off we go…

Reach the forest…walking/riding down the woad….hear a howling…something running towards us, Fuzz Nuts!

Found approx. 5-6 day old tracks(human), walk right into an illusion…reveals stone door door... attempt to smash sapphire…zaps my dumb ass (55)....

yeah so…. the door was open(?!)...ram head tapestry in hallway, 2 big MOFO’S and 2 in the shadows..Battle Brain in a jar & 2 big doofs, scythe blade try to kill me but I’m like Nah!...ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A CHALLENGE?!

Charge the dos morning star bitch…(45) 45 damage to his bitch ass, sliced of one arm, HOW YOU LIKE THAT! Brace for damage! 9 damage from a mid section blow (36)ouch…Brain peaces out and to the left..OH NO YOU DON’T!..Mutant heals 10 (46), 21 smack (2/4 attacks), ICED! 33 crit damage to the fool who has Morb pinned to the wall…DEAD! and on the the Loot! gloves from morning star wielder shrink down to my size (Gloves of Object Reading)

Going after the Brain!! Door door locked…Wand! Pair of Steel Gaunts w/ Scarlet Flamer….Oh Morbius….HAVE SOME!

Beat the Brain! 24 wiggity wack w/ Wak! skelly hits me for 7 (39), 53 damage to skelly right back bitch, smack back for 8 (31) 29 (2/4 attacks), take it bitch Morb finishes the fool, 24 maiming to the swarm to no avail, raked by second skelly (29) Mutant heals for 12 (41)

Secret passageway through ornate door ..Earthen passage…. 4 skellys, 4 Ettins(2 Jav/ 2 morningstar)... 2 items for me/ 1 for Evan for machine loot….javed in the face for 6 (35), clawed for 7 Ettin GOT ME!(28), owey again (26)

Morbo heals 15(41) potion (50) Loot Glove of Storing, Goggles of Night

forces of Hades to the N invading the plain…Kozar high priest of Hades…

Cinder spawn hits me…(46) 1 cold (45) 12 fireball(33) 2 lightning damage (31) Loot +2 Ion stone (Cha)

End Session

Morbius Travel

PART 1 Morbius

Waste….nothing but a mass of dust and death. The beauty of it is blinding…..and yet… there is something that this land that adds to the beauty of death…life. Existence is made of two parts for all beings that inhabit this world, life….and death. One can not exists without the other. Two sides of the same coin, light and dark, good and evil. Balance, it is all balance. So it comes to this. My god, my lord and master has spoken to me his avatar has come to me with a journey, a… pilgrimage if you will. A strange new cult has appeared and has been bringing the dead back without my masters consent….and he is not pleased. They have removed the balance and it must be put back…..that is my duty as acolyte of Nerull. They will all know….they will all understand…..by this blade and the power he grants me they will learn….and they will fear.

PART 2 Valena

All the land is filled with self-righteous zealots, inane thieves, and boastful lumps of ogre dung that call themselves nobles. Ahh but once in a moon you find one, one that proves to be a….shall we say….conundrum. This woman, Valena by name is such a creature, beautiful as a spring sunrise and fierce as any winter storm. It is easy to read and understand the norm of this land yet this creature is strange, she is unlike anything I have seen. As it seems our paths will be placed beside one another for the time being. Things should prove to be very….interesting.

Session Log from Valena's Perspective

PLEASE NOTE: this is completely from Valena’s point of view (thoughts on situations, emotions, etc.)all numbers in () are Valena’s HP, also I am pretty vague in some of the areas, feel free to leave comments and I will elaborate as best as I can via memory.

8/22/09 Session

Off to the market or to the forges in SW
  1. Trevor’s Forge -masterwork heavy mace “sweet! SCORE

Off to the Jewelers for onyx ? on the way, rumble in the city… buildings destroyed (sucked up by “monster”) PROOF: piece of creature undercity no sewers, own tunnels

onyx revisited

Aldaris’s Alchemy Shop

20 LUCK DIE! Hole opens, Morb falls in, pit is sink hole, loose rock/debris AHHH APE BUG!

BATTLE ouch (59), double owey… (42), RUN AWAY!, CHARGE!, OOOF (35), gives a 17 damage bash!, Morbius finishes it’s ass… post battle Mutant (brother Steve) heals me for 20 (55)

Commander invites to knight barracks E of N gate manana. “Hieronius?” (internal thought)

Mutant found a room @ the Prancing Pony (note there is an arrow stating that this was a shameless plug)

Hendo the Fence

Intro (or re-intro) to Capt. Morgan

Dead Rabbit just after sundown to help Capt.

work Bounty hunting

Morb buys 8 onyx for 350gp

Lookin for a ride- stables on S side outside gate Horace stable master

250gp a piece for horses (full tack 1/wk food)

Wandering into “shitty” city, found Dead Rabbit, take up 2 stools.

Hunt Reoric, wants his head….Hmmmm….

Hendo is all fucked up business meet, douche looks my boobs

Enter big GOON (Torvez)...wheres Hendo ?!?

Morb casts wind wall for cover…

Init roll Me 9, Ev 5, bandit (unknown)

(55) to start, swing and a miss, hit but no damage (love that armor), wasted his BITCH ASS! (23 damage dealt 1st rd of attack, 25 w/ 2nd DEAD!) LOOT Masterwork Short Sword 25 gp

Torvez cornered- knocked his punk ass out, tied him up, back to the bar

Prisoner to interrogate- GOOD GOOD!LOOT Masterwork Short Sword (to Mutant)

Recruit Torvez- now eyes and ears in “shitty”

Steve Dave finds us more info 2k a piece for dead tremor beasts

20 Luck Die!! one beast similar as last time.BATTLE

(55)to start, init me 14, ev 13, 17 damage strike, claw my ass (50), 40 damage to bug face…FUCK YOU BUG!...and in comes another beast from the rear init ev 13, me 18….12 damage to the 2nd bug, 24 from Morb, HIYAH! 34 damage BEAT YOUR DUMB ASS!

PAYDAY! 2,000gp a piece, MONEY! total loot 2498gp

A dream….shadowy figure on cliff face wielding a katana, FLASHES OF COMBAT, awaken in a rush/huff…Cleaver awakening? WHO KNOWS.

Alderis sends to Multani magic item collector has a job for us or does she ?- she does: follow son to see WTF is up w/ sr douche, shows painting, hangs out @ Silver Spoon, but talks about late walks out in S woods, possible giants there

Taking boys body back to mother- Got magic rope FO’ FREE!




There is a cave roughly one day’s travel from Tremora that contains an underground river that serves as the town’s water supply. When the latest caravan sent to fill the town’s cache of barrels failed to return, another caravan was sent to make up for the shortage, along with a small group of the town’s militia. They, too, never returned. With the water supply ever decreasing, the elders of Tremora sent half of the town’s remaining militia to investigate. The large militia group was never heard from again.

Desperate for salvation, the elders employed Valena to find out what was happening in the caverns. The elders were clueless as to what was going on, absently suggesting it might be bandits, although unlikely since they never received any ransom for the town’s water supply. As such, Valena was cautioned to be prepared for anything. Along the road to the cave, Valena encountered a horse that was still wearing its wagon harness, grazing by the roadside. Valena attempts to approach the horse and narrowly misses being kicked as the horse suddenly rears its font legs and bolts in a panic. Shortly thereafter, the road crosses with another from the west and Valena crosses paths with Morbius. They conversed briefly and discoverd they were headed to the same location. They agreed to investigate the matter together, but not without Valena stating that she would not share any of her commission upon completing the mission. Morbius agreed without hesitation, caring little for money and acting solely on the will of his deity.

The Cleric's Dream

While Morbius sleeps, he dreams of wandering a graveyard that seems strangely familiar to him. The majority of the graves appear to have been dug up, bearing no bodies. The avatar of Nerull, a figure cloaked in rusty red and bearing a wicked scythe, appears before him, speaking to him of a heresy being committed against Him and His followers. Someone or something is manipulating the souls of the dead without Nerull’s consent, stealing the souls from under his grasp.

Additionally, the deity is somehow prevented manifesting himself directly into the Material Plane and must act solely through his disciples. It appears that the heresy has presented itself in a location not far from the path Morbius travels. The avatar compels him to investigate the area and unearth what could interfere with a being of his divine nature.


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