Two centuries after The Ravaging, the island of Thaylus is but a shadow of its former self. Large areas once teeming with vegetation have sunken into the ocean; the surviving landscape bears scars of the devastation that struck island.

Arcane magic is fading from the land; the art of wizardry is now long lost, and the gift of sorcery is diminishing with each subsequent generation. Magical items grow all the more scarce: those who possess them are asking exorbitant prices, those who seek them are often willing to stab and swindle until they have their way.

Still, life goes on, and the few cities and scattered hamlets that remain do all in their power to survive, and do so with relative ease. As the goodly folk of the island crowd together, the more monstrous populations seize the opportunity to spread and claim a portion of the island for themselves.

More recently, there have been sightings and incidents across the island involving the undead. Most civilized populations have banned the practice of necromancy appropriately, attributing the undead’s growing presence to twisted clerics. As time progresses, the appearance of undead seems to grow more frequent, to an extent that can only be supported by the use of arcane magic, a seemingly lost art. Rumors spread of an evil cult whose members have somehow acquired the use of arcane magic, the cultists’ designs for the rest of Thaylus, however, remain unseen…


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War of the Ram

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